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28 Oct 2008


BREAKING NEWS: DNI Releases Budget Figure for 2008 National Intelligence Program

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Some very significant news coming on the heels of the first full day of GEOINT, Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) today announced that the intelligence community spent $47.5 billion during the past year — a jump of nearly 10 percent over 2007.

Here’s an excerpt from the announcement from the DNI:
DNI Consistent with Section 601 of the “Implementing Recommendations of the 9/11 Commission Act of 2007,” Public Law 110-53, the Director of National Intelligence is disclosing to the public the aggregate amount of funds appropriated by Congress to the National Intelligence Program (NIP) for fiscal year 2008 not later than 30 days after the end of the fiscal year. The aggregate amount appropriated to the NIP for fiscal year 2008 was $47.5 Billion.

In addition, here’s coverage from Wired Magazine. What do you all think about this news?

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  1. Rob Barber-Delach wrote: 29 October 2008

    Some of the comments by the GEOINT 2008 speakers that the level of funding that the Intelligence community is receiving will not likely continue at these levels seems to make sense when you look at the increase in funding in 2008 alone (almost 10% increase over 2007). Obviously not sustainable and likely to draw cuts in an ever increasingly dire economic situation.

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