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28 Jan 2010


Cities Say New FEMA Flood Maps Are Full of Errors

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FloodmapsMore than a year and a half after a massive flood left a huge swath of eastern Iowa underwater, the tiny farming community of Oakville is clinging to survival. Many of the town’s 400-or-so residents moved on after the June 2008 disaster, leaving local leaders desperate to lure new faces to the community. But they say their efforts are being harmed by an ambitious government initiative to update and digitize the nation’s flood plain maps. The Federal Emergency Management Agency started the $200 million-per-year project in 2004 as a way to utilize advances in mapping technology to better identify areas susceptible to flooding. FEMA officials say the new maps — some of which have won final approval and others which are still in their preliminary stages — will allow for better zoning and help prevent future catastrophes like the flood in Iowa, which caused an estimated $10 billion of damage. Read the full ABC News Story here.

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  1. Ken S. wrote: 1 February 2010

    Rather than “errors,” these sound more like disputes from cities who don’t want certain areas they’ve developed officially designated as flood plains. With disasters seemingly on the rise, their insurance premiums could be going up with them as they pay for poor urban development planning.

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