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22 Apr 2010


Earth Day Turns 40: Earth’s Majestic Beauty From Up Above

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As GEOINT professionals, Earth Day is a pretty special thing. And this year is very special. It marks the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day. In 1970, Democrat Governor of Wisconsin Gaylord Nelson initiated the Earth Day by staging an environmental rally to raise awareness around the delicate issue of environment which had become a haunting problem due to excessive industrialization at the time. The premise behind “Earth Day” is that every human being regardless of territory, race, creed, or wealth, has an ethical right to a natural and healthy environment. And on April 22, 1970, more than 20 million Americans joined together to mark this special occasion.

It goes without saying that the core of GEOINT is about all about the Earth. Of course there are various applications of GEOINT, but the essence of what we do is imagery and analysis based finding military targets, people, assets, disaster victims and even penguins. In honor of Earth Day, Time Magazine pulled together this montage of photos of our planet. It is a reminder of the majestic beauty of Earth – especially seen from up above (something we all know very well).

Happy 40th Anniversary, Earth Day.

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