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14 Jul 2009


ESRI News Round Up: S&K Purchases TerraEchos and More

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Welcome once again to a news round up from the ESRI International User Conference. The second day of the event and there is no shortage of announcements to cover. From the news of S&K Technologies purchasing the controlling share in TerraEchos to an exclusive podcast from our friends at Directions Magazine, there lots of good stuff going happening. Scroll down to learn more.

S&K Technologies Inc. Purchases Controlling Shares of TerraEchos Inc.

S&K Technologies, a tribally owned Montana company, has purchased a controlling share in TerraEchos Inc. to further development of a geospatially enabled sensor system that will protect high-value critical infrastructure, monitor sensitive perimeters, secure vulnerable borders and solve other domestic security issues. The S&K investment will enable TerraEchos to scale up the Adelos system, which is a covert geospatial intelligence and surveillance sensor system based on patented U.S. Navy technology. For more information, go click here or visit Dr. Alex Philp, President of TerraEchos at the ESRI International User Conference in booth #730 within the ESRI Defense Showcase.

TerraGo Previews New Software Release at ESRI International Users Conference

TerraGo Technologies announced today that it will preview the release of the new TerraGo Toolbar, TerraGo Publisher and TerraGo Composer solutions in its booth (#206). Key enhancements across the product lines are designed to help customers extend the access and application of their geospatial assets to non-GIS oriented users while enabling more seamless geospatial collaboration across the enterprise. Read more here.

Wacom Interactive Pen Display Optimizes New GeoDesign Toolset in ESRI’s ArcGIS 9.4
Wacom’s interactive pen displays are set to revolutionize the way GIS professionals work, maximizing the recent introduction of new ArcGIS 9.4 features that will leverage the benefits of pen input technology. Wacom’s pen display technology will provide ArcGIS 9.4 users with a more streamlined workflow, increased accuracy and enhanced comfort. Wacom is showcasing its DTZ-2100 interactive pen display in booth 708. Read more here.

ESRI’s ArcGIS Server Geoportal Extension—A Platform For Geospatial Collaboration
The new 9.3.1 version of the ArcGIS Server Geoportal extension (formerly the GIS Portal Toolkit) is now available. Organizations can use this extension to create geoportals that allow them to manage geospatial data and publish the locations and descriptions of their geospatial resources to the Internet or an intranet. Visitors to a geoportal can easily search, discover, and connect to geographic information system (GIS) resources registered with the geoportal and integrate them into their own projects, regardless of the resource’s type or location. Read more here.

Podcast: Examining the ESRI UC 2009 Plenary
Check out this exclusive podcast from the editorial staff at Directions Magazine who cover the first session of the ESRI User Conference and review of some key points and themes from the event. To listen to the podcast, click here.

Rolta Canada and ESRI Canada Announce Strategic Partnership
Rolta Canada and ESRI Canada yesterday announced a strategic partnership and OEM agreement for North America that will combine Rolta’s OnPoint Enterprise web-GIS solution with the strength of ESRI’s ArcGIS Server technology. Rolta will be focused on providing the joint solution to enterprise accounts in North America, for key industries including Economic Development, Provincial and Federal government, Transportation, and Utilities. ESRI will provide ArcGIS Server functionality and capability to Rolta’s OnPoint as part of an OEM agreement. Read more here.

Tele Atlas Selected By ESRI To Power StreetMap Premium
Tele Atlas announced that Tele Atlas digital map data will be added to the upcoming version of ESRI StreetMap Premium. The enhanced street database works with ESRI’s ArcGIS software to provide geocoding, routing and high quality map display. Read more here.

That’s all the news that is fit to print! We welcome any feedback from attendees on the comings and goings at the event!

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