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02 May 2012


Fragile Earth: New App Shows Impact of Climate Change on the Planet

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By using before and after satellite imagery, a new app called Fragile Earth displays the impact of climate change on the planet — from coastal erosion, drying lakes to melting glaciers. Available for the iPhone and iPad, the app shows how global warming is impacting more than 70 location, including New Orleans, glaciers in Alaska and the Mesopotamia Marshes in Iraq.

In addition, the app shows the damage from some recent natural disasters, which include the earthquakes in Haiti and Pakistan, as well as the tsunami in Japan. Collins Geo, a division of Harper Collins UK, created the app based on a book published in 2006 called “Fragile Earth.”

So, where does this imagery come from for this new app? Essentially, it comes from a variety of sources including NASA and USGIF member company GeoEye. The app also showcases images that date back to 1914.

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  1. SecretSquid wrote: 7 May 2012

    Don’t take the bait on Global Warming hysteria. It’s embarassing. Respectable opinion is divided on this politically charged issue. Don’t let USGIF be co-opted by personal agendas that have nothing to do with advancing the GEOINT mission or industry state of the art.

    This isn’t reporting on science…this is a gimmicky advocacy app. USGIF should know better.

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