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06 Jan 2012


Friday’s Food for Thought: All Things Lean and Mean, Agile and Flexible

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Welcome to the Friday’s Food for Thought post from got geoint? We hope everyone had a highly productive week. Yesterday, President Obama laid out his new military strategy that will focus on a more “agile” and “leaner and meaner” military. This also means that more resources will be put into intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, as well as technology innovation. So, for this week’s FFFT post, we are focusing on all things that are flexible, lean, agile and efficient. We hope you enjoy and happy Friday!

Obama Puts His Stamp on Strategy for a Leaner Military
President Obama has for the first time put his own stamp on an all-encompassing American military policy by turning from the grinding ground wars that he inherited from the Bush administration and refocusing on what he described as a smaller, more agile force across Asia, the Pacific and the Middle East. Pentagon officials also made it clear that the department’s priorities in coming years would be financing for defense and offense in cyberspace, for Special Operations forces and for the broad area of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance.

The True Definition of Lean and Mean
So, here’s the definition of ‘lean and mean:’ fit and ready for hard, efficient work. In addition, any organization that is lean and mean has no excess or unnecessary elements and is very competitive. This certainly sounds like the new military strategy.

What Are 3 of the Most Agile Companies in America?
Companies that lack agility can’t compete. Agility is the bottom-line competitive advantage in these days of unprecedented turbulence, uncertainty and volatility. That’s the opinion of Mike Richardson, a former corporate manager and author of Wheel$pin: The Agile Executive’s Manifesto, and his point is that it’s agility that drives a company’s ability to compete in the business world. According to Richardson, the three companies that are the most agile in America. Check them out here.

University of Texas’ Center for Agile Technology
The world of academia is always on the cutting-edge, literally. The University of Texas has an applied research unit that is called the Center for Agile Technology (CAT). And, just as the name says, the purpose of CAT is to transitions basic research to real-world applications. It also works to “help customers manage incomplete specifications, unforeseen challenges and the quickening pace of technology evolution.” Check out more about CAT here.

Video of President Obama Announcing New Military Strategy
Rather than highlighting a music video this week, we decided to post the video of President Obama announcing his new ‘leaner and meaner’ military strategy. Stay tuned next week for more left-of-the-dial music videos that echo our weekly FFFT post theme. Happy Friday!

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