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30 Mar 2012


Friday’s Food for Thought: Cloudy with a Chance of…

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Welcome to the Friday’s Food for Thought post from got geoint? While the prospect of the Intelligence Community (IC) embracing more cloud computing solutions is not new, it seems to be a very hot topic in the news these days. Is cloud security the main challenge? Will there be a classified cloud to connect all 17 intelligence entities? We hope to address this and much more in this week’s FFFT post. Happy Friday to all!

Creating a Classified Cloud for Spies
The Intelligence Community (IC) is undergoing its biggest technological change ever as a team of hundreds works to build a computer system that links together nearly all of the 17 intelligence entities through a series of classified servers. To call it an ambitious project might be an understatement. The architects of the undertaking aim to get an initial version going by the end of the year. The chief information officers at the most prominent agencies of the Intelligence Community were assigned the mission last summer when Director of National Intelligence James Clapper began to brace for budget cuts that would hit the community hard. Check out more from CNN here.

Is Security the Real Problem for an Intelligence Community Cloud?
Like the rest of the federal government, the intelligence community [IC] is looking for ways to save money and eyeing the cloud environment as one possible way. Unlike counterparts in other agencies, intelligence organizations are inherently secretive with essentially peerless security requirements. So how will it move to the cloud? A successful approach will hinge on collaborative partnership, common solutions and effective policies, according to a panel of intelligence officials who spoke March 23 at an AFCEA briefing in Arlington, Va. Check out more from Defense Systems here.

Cloud Will Change Intelligence Community’s Business Model
Cloud computing has the power to not only change the way the federal intelligence community manages information technology, but also to fundamentally change agencies’ business models, according to a report from the nonprofit Intelligence and National Security Alliance.

Storm Clouds: The Coming Turf Wars Over Cloud Computing
With budgets getting tight, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper is counting on big savings over the next decade from implementing cloud computing — essentially, consolidating lots of separate information technology systems that each serve a separate organization into one centralized system to reap efficiencies of scale. The National Security Agency director and director of Cyber Command, Gen. Keith Alexander, predicted a 30-40 percent savings in NSA’s information technology costs from its move to the cloud, now in progress. Check out more from AOL Defense here.

The Go-Betweens – “Clouds”
Clouds mean many things to songwriters. For Mick Jagger, it was his protected turf (Get Off My Cloud), and for The Cult they are a metaphor for freeing your mind from the pains if daily life (In The Clouds). For the 1980s indie band The Go-Betweens, the idea of clouds is all about achieving clarity of mind. Be sure to check out their take on clouds here. Happy Friday!

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