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10 Feb 2012


Friday’s Food for Thought: College is Expensive … I Need to Score a Scholarship

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Welcome to the Friday’s Food for Thought post from got geoint? For many young people coming up in the ranks, the prospect of paying for a college degree can be pretty daunting these days. President Obama recently announced his plan to make college more affordable by extending federal financial aid to students and encouraging schools to keep the cost of education low. While this is refreshing for many young people and their parents, the reality is that many students need to push hard to secure scholarship dollars. And, for those students interested in entering the GEOINT field, USGIF has donated $480,000 to promising students in the geospatial intelligence field since 2004. So, this week’s FFFT post is all about scholarships and pursuing your dreams through education. We hope you enjoy and happy Friday!

2012 USGIF Scholarship Deadline is April 20
In an effort to help further the advancement of the geospatial tradecraft, USGIF is dedicated to assist promising students interested in the geospatial sciences with scholarship awards. USGIF hopes to inspire students who are interested in all that GEOINT has to offer to invest their futures in this incredibly exciting and relevant field of study. Last year the Foundation awarded $94,000 to 20 recipients and plans to award equal or greater amounts for the 2012 program. Five Ph.D. candidates, eight master’s students, five undergraduates and two graduating high school seniors received scholarships from the 2011 program. High school recipients received $2,000 scholarships, and all others received $5,000 scholarships. If you are an aspiring GEOINTer, don’t miss out on this opportunity! The deadline to apply for a USGIF scholarship is April 20th.

Obama Demands Colleges Lower Tuition
President Obama last week announced his plan to make college more affordable by extending federal financial aid to students and encouraging schools to keep the cost of education low. The Obama administration is urging schools to lower costs by tying the amount of aid available to students on-campus to the affordability of the school. The administration is also requiring colleges and universities to create a summary sheet of their financial aid packages, as well as post-graduate earning and employment statistics in an easy-to-consume form. “So, let me put colleges and universities on notice: If you can’t stop tuition from going up, the funding you get from taxpayers will go down,” said Obama in his State of the Union address on Jan. 24. Check out the full article from Seattle University Spectator here.

The College Debt Bubble
For parents trying to save so their kids can go to college, Barack Obama’s latest State of the Union was the Emancipation Proclamation. Americans now owe more on their college loans than on their credit cards, and the price of a higher education is rising twice as fast as inflation. Going to a state college was once a middle-class entitlement, but now that degree is a luxury item. Students used to be able to pay their way through school with a part-time job. Now students are graduating with more debt than if they’d bought a new Mercedes Benz. Check out the full Huffington Post article here.

17 Bizarre Scholarships
Calling all Klingon speakers, duct-tape fashion designers, duck callers, ghost hunters and woolen garment makers: Thick wads of scholarship money are waiting for you. Endowment funds are waiting to be claimed by everyone from golf caddies to pagans. There’s cash for everyone. Would-be college kids with extremely specific skills, talents or qualifications can find scholar dollars, and it seems that the crazier your interest, the better chance you have! Check out more from here.

Timbuk 3: Future’s So Bright, I Got to Wear Shades
For anyone who wins a USGIF scholarship, clearly the future will be so bright that they will have to wear shades. Because doing all right and getting good grades, does mean a bright future. Here’s Timbuk 3′s alternative hit from the 1980s called “Future’s So Bright, I Got to Wear Shades.” We hope you enjoy and happy Friday!

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