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06 Mar 2009


Friday’s Food for Thought: Gloria Estefan Recruited to CIA, Panetta the Rock Star, and GPS your Pet

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Happy Friday. It seems that the cold spell has broken in Washington, DC and for much of the east coast. Perhaps spring is truly around the corner? Welcome to “Friday’s Food for Thought” on got geoint? If you are not familiar with this column, it is where we feature the fun, interesting and somewhat strange. What a better way to ring in the weekend? This week, we have a number of stories that will confound you and perhaps tickle your funny bone. From singer Gloria Estefan once being recruited to work for the C.I.A to a video of the Daily Show’s response to CNBC’s Rick Santelli recent rant. So, scroll down. Enjoy and as always, please share your thoughts and comments with us.

Gloria Estefan Once Recruited as a Spy

Yes, we are talking about the “come on shake your body baby do that conga” Gloria Estefan. She just came out with news that she was once recruited to work for the CIA. Here’s what we think. And pardon us for the cynicism, but she needed the publicity. Sorry.

Panetta a Rock Star at C.I.A.
In other “rock star-like” news, it was reported that Panetta got a “rock star’s welcome” at the CIA. Apparently, when Panetta walked into the lobby of the main HQ of the C.I.A. (during his swearing in ceremony), he was greeted with cheers and whistles from staffers. It was as if Bono had entered the room. This is good stuff. Perhaps, he will bring an injection of excitement to the agency?

The Pet Detective – GPS for Your Pets

No we are not talking about Ace Venture the Pet Detective, but there is actually a device on the market called “The Pet Detective.” It is from company called Telepet and it allows you track your pets via GPS. We recommend you check it out. Allllriiiighty then!!

Rick Santelli and the “Rant of the Year”

In case you missed Rick Santelli’s legendary rant on CNBC, here it is:

So, Jon Stewart asked Santelli to be on the Daily Show to discuss this recent rant. And, CNBC bailed out on the opportunity at the last minute. So, Stewart exacts revenge by eviscerating CNBC in this segment. Unfortunately, we can’t get the clip on YouTube, but you can see it on Gawker here. Seriously, check it out. Don’t mess with Jon Stewart.

Enjoy your weekend!

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