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02 Dec 2011


Friday’s Food for Thought: It’s All About Commercial Solutions

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Welcome to the Friday’s Food for Thought post from got geoint? We hope everyone had a productive post-Thanksgiving holiday week. One of the biggest stories to happen in the GEOINT sector this week was how a handful of forward-thinking lawmakers asked the Obama administration to avoid cutting a more than $7 billion commercial satellite program being developed by USGIF member companies GeoEye and DigitalGlobe. The move reinforced that commercial imagery will always provide value to coalition forces and our government in general. So, for this week’s theme, we are highlighting all things commercial. We hope you enjoy and happy Friday!

Lawmakers Push to Save Spy Program for Commercial Satellites
Lawmakers on the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee are asking the Obama administration to avoid cutting a more than $7 billion commercial satellite program being developed by GeoEye Inc. and DigitalGlobe Inc. The Defense Department is considering “major” reductions that may damage the EnhancedView program, which provides commercial satellite imagery to the defense and intelligence communities. No amount was specified in the letter. Check out more from BusinessWeek here. In addition, here’s the actual letter.

Speaking of Commercial — Commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Working Group
Speaking of commercial solutions, this year, USGIF and its members formed a Commercial Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite Working Group (CSARS WG) with the aim to explain the capabilities and advantages of space-based SAR as well as to provide hands-on learning and training for use. The working group is comprised of USGIF member companies MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates (MDA), Infoterra GmbH and e-GEOS. Check out more here.

Why Commercial Imagery is Valuable According to Mr. Matt O’Connell
In case you missed it, we recently had the pleasure of sitting down with USGIF Board Member Mr. Matt O’Connell, who is GeoEye’s CEO and Director. Mr. O’Connell offered some very compelling insights into why commercial imagery is such a viable option for government and defense. He also discussed the commendation that GeoEye received from the Governor of Virginia for its support of Hurricane Irene disaster response efforts — talk about a solid proof point for the value of commercial imagery. Check out the podcast here.

Commercial Solutions
Every Googled the term “Commercial Solutions”? As you may have guessed, a company by that name came up first in the rankings. And since they are winning the search-engine-optimization (SEO) battle for that term, we wanted to give them a shout-out in this post. Commercial Solutions is a national distributor of industrial tools, safety equipment, firefighting gear, bearings, power-transmission, field supplies and the tools and equipment for oil and gas drilling and extraction. They are “experts in making sure you have the products you need to keep your business moving.” Check out more here.

Satellites” by September
Swedish pop singer September’s “Satellites” seemed like the perfect song for this week’s FFFT post. We hope you enjoy and happy Friday!

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