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02 Sep 2011


Friday’s Food for Thought: Labor Day and Why Working is Good for You

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Welcome to the Friday’s Food for Thought post from got geoint? We are on the precipice of the last holiday weekend of the summer, Labor Day Weekend. And we all know that the big three holiday weekends (Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day) all carry tremendous meaning for our great nation. We honor our fallen heroes, celebrate the birth of our nation and celebrate labor in America. This week’s FFFT post is all about Labor Day and the good old-fashioned American work ethic. Also, USGIF has added a pre-symposium science and technology track at GEOINT 2011. Be sure to check that out and we hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Hail the American Work Ethic
While Americans don’t get the luxury of one month off in the summer time — like many Europeans — we have one of the strongest work ethics in the world and have achieved great heights as a result. Many dream of winning the lottery and quitting their jobs, or perhaps retire early. Though, the reality is that being in a state of non-work, even if you have a fat bank account, creates an overall feeling of malaise. Working is good for us and Americans know this all too well. Check out this essay all about the American work ethic that will hopefully inspire.

Why Work is Good for You!
If you dread Mondays and would rather be hiding in bed, you might be surprised to learn that working could actually be good for your health. New research shows people who work past retirement age are healthier than those who give up their job. A study found that almost three-quarters of working women aged 55 to 75 described their health as good, compared with less than half of those who had retired. The research, carried out by the UK Government’s Department of Work and Pensions, also revealed that working men of the same age were healthier than those who had stopped work.

What’s Really Behind Our Drive for Increased Productivity?
Isn’t the real reason we want to accomplish more in less time because we have other things we want to do besides work? Aren’t we all trying to create more time for all those “other” enjoyable activities that we keep putting off? If you had the money and you had the time, what would you do? We are guessing that listing everything that fits into that category would provide you with a good sized list, right? We convince ourselves that increased productivity will ultimately result in a happier life because it will allow us to do all those wonderful things on our list. Check out more here.

37 Productivity Tips for Working From Anywhere
The days of shackling your business to a brick and mortar office are over. Even people who work primarily in traditional offices occasionally find themselves working on the road or from their kitchen tables. This flexibility is great in a lot of ways, but each new work setting also brings with it a new set of productivity challenges. Mashable recently asked people who work from home, from coworking spaces, in coffee shops, on the road and in offices to share their secrets for a productive day no matter where they’re working. Here are the highlights of their collective advice.

R.E.M’s Finest Worksong
Take your instincts by the reigns and tackle your professional lives with gust and dignity. Though, first, take some time to rest this weekend and enjoy this “alternative classic” from R.E.M. Happy Labor Day weekend!

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