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23 Jan 2009


Friday’s Food for Thought: “Location-Aware” Lifestyle, GeoEye-1 Inaugural Images, Blair’s Senate Select Committee

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Hope everyone had a productive and eventful week. I believe many of us were tied up in inaugural events earlier in the week — with the latter part of the week focused on getting some work done (and recovering from all the inaugural-related activity). Today’s Friday’s Food for Thought, as always, is full of a mixture of news and topics — from cool iPhone apps to Dennis Blair’s statement to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

First up, we did post this before, but it is just too cool not to re-post. Check out this amazing GeoEye-1 satellite image of the inauguration:

Here’s another shot:

In other inaugural news, USGIF member FortiusOne created this online inaugural mash-up.

Also, check out this Wired story on WhosHere, an iPhone app that knows where you are, shows you other users nearby. What makes this story interesting is that it dives into gives a solid view of the new “location-aware” lifestyle, which is certainly going to be the norm (here’s a story on ten hot location apps) in the future. Or will it? Please let us know your thoughts on this one!

In more serious news, the intelligence community has taken some serious steps to integrate all databases with Google-like search capabilities.

Finally, here’s the link to the new DNI’s statement to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Jan. 22, 2009. We would like to point out that he mentions “geospatial” in his statement!

“Leading the Intelligence Community, the DNI needs to satisfy the strategic intelligence requirements of policymakers as well as the tactical requirements of military units, diplomats, and front-line officers of the Department of Homeland Security and state and local law officials. The DNI needs to lead the integration of intelligence sources – human, signals, geospatial, measurement and signature, and open source. Such integration mutually empowers, and maximizes, the contribution of each intelligence source. “

Enjoy your weekend.

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