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20 Apr 2012


Friday’s Food for Thought: Moving at the Speed of Sound

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The Fastest (Land Based) Animals in the World
The travelers almanac has been kind enough to pull together the list of the fastest (land based) animals. And, yes, as you would guess, the cheetah topped the list at speeds of 113 MPH. So, if you find yourself on a walkabout in Africa and some cheetahs are tailing you, chances are it would all be over pretty quickly. Check out the full list here.

The Fastest Cars on the Planet
For most young boys, the idea of the “fastest cars on the planet” is pretty exciting. Heck, even grown men are into driving cars fast. So, if you are a sports car enthusiast and actually want to know what cars are the fastest, we have found the definitive list for you. Though, we just learned that there are plenty of variables that make this list a bit more complex than one would imagine. Check out more here.

Water Speed Record
The world water speed record, the fastest speed achieved by a water-borne vehicle, is 317 mph. This amazing feat was achieved in 1978. Check out more here.

Cake, The Distance
Without a doubt, this song immediately came to mind when we were collectively brainstorming a song about “speed.” We hope you enjoy and happy Friday!

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