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27 Jan 2012


Friday’s Food for Thought: Needing to “Leap Ahead”

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Welcome to the Friday’s Food for Thought post from got geoint? Who doesn’t love Fridays? It is the time to unwind, recharge and often assess one productivity during the previous four days. Speaking of busy weeks, the Pentagon proposed its future budget cuts yesterday. While this will certainly usher in an era of “doing more with less,” there will still be plenty of growth opportunities in the GEOINT sector. Speaking of growth opportunities, USGIF just announced an open solicitation to its membership for a Tradecraft Development Subcommittee Co-Chair. Don’t miss out on this one!

Pentagon Cuts to Hit Defense Industry
The budget cuts the Pentagon proposed Thursday stand to hit nearly every part of the defense industry, from makers of fighter jets and warships to providers of services such as information technology support. Facing rising political pressure to trim spending, Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta proposed cutting the budget by $487 billion over the next decade. There were notable exceptions to the austerity. The Pentagon is seeking to protect spending for building unmanned systems and for developing new ones. Funding for an unmanned Army system known as Gray Eagle would be spared, and the Pentagon vowed to invest in sea-based intelligence systems like Fire Scout, a Northrop Grumman-made drone, and in space systems.

More About What Won’t Get Cut
Space News also pointed out that planned upgrades to space capabilities including GPS, the Space-Based Infrared System for missile warning and Advanced Extremely High Frequency secure communications satellites will be preserved in the request, expected to be delivered to Capitol Hill in mid-February. Programs to defend U.S. and European territory against ballistic missile attacks also will be preserved, officials said, but some regional interceptor programs will not see funding increases that had been anticipated.

Needing to “Leap Ahead to Defeat the Enemy”
NextGov points out that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta comment yesterday about “leaping ahead to defeat the enemy” across many domains, including space and cyberspace

Adjusting to a New Budgetary Culture in Space
Intelsat General’s CEO discusses how we are in “hunker down” mode when it comes to dealing with new budgetary realities for space.

Defense Cuts Imperil Our Security
After the International Atomic Energy Agency dropped the bombshell news that Iran has accelerated its drive to build a nuclear weapon, you’d expect leaders on Capitol Hill to hold a flurry of hearings on how to counter the threat. Instead, congressional hearing rooms have been booked solid to discuss how to slash national security spending. Budget cuts dominate the debate, while the prospect of a nuclear Iran barely raises eyebrows. The defense cuts proposed under the debt ceiling deal would leave the U.S. with far fewer options for confronting an Iran armed with the bomb. Congress has already cut $450 billion from the Pentagon budget. Read the full Op-Ed by retired Navy Rear Adm. Ernie Elliot here.

No Music This Week
Since these budgetary changes are serious business, we are not featuring a music video this week. Though be sure to come back next week, as we will be amping up our efforts to “find a popular culture thread” that reinforces what is happening in the GEOINT sector.

Happy Friday.

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