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19 Nov 2010


Friday’s Food for Thought: When GEOINT and Art Collide…

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Welcome to the Friday’s Food for Thought post on got geoint? With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we could have easily done a “turkey day” theme for this week’s post. But, no. We are more creative than that. And speaking of creativity, we have decided to explore the world of GEOINT and art. One would not think that the GEOINT world would collide with art, but in fact they do…more than you would think. So, fire up your creative mojo and tap into your inner artist as we dive into the world of mapping and art. Happy Friday!

350 eARTh: The World’s First Art Exhibit Large Enough to Be Seen From Outer Space
This November 20-28, 350 EARTH will launch the world’s first ever global climate art project. In over a dozen places across the globe, citizens and artists will create massive public art installations to show how climate change is already impacting our world as well as offer visions of how we can solve the crisis. Each art installation will be large enough to be seen from space and documented by satellites generously provided by DigitalGlobe. How cool! Check out the full GOOD post here.

Typographic Maps: Artful Maps Made Entirely of Type
Axis Maps’ new Typographic Maps are sheer cartographic beauty. The streets, cities, bodies of water, neighborhoods, and highways on each map are depicted entirely with words, and each map took hundreds of hours to complete. Creating maps made up entirely of words. Sheer creative brilliance in our humble opinion. Check out more here.

Hand-Drawn Map Exhibition in Philadelphia Area
Another exhibition of hand-drawn maps is now under way in the Philadelphia area: Nowhere: Selections from the Files of the Hand Drawn Map Association runs until December 19, 2010 at Arcadia University’s art gallery. Curated by HDMA founder Kris Harzinski, the exhibition uses over sixty drawings to demonstrate the unique capacity of the hand drawn map to create sites (both graphic and virtual) where writing and depiction, documentation and fiction coincide to articulate locations otherwise beyond reach. Check out the full Mapping Room post here.

The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography
Maps can be simple tools, comfortable in their familiar form. Or they can lead to different destinations: places turned upside down or inside out, territories riddled with marks understood only by their maker, realms connected more to the interior mind than to the exterior world. These are the places of artists’ maps, that happy combination of information and illusion that flourishes in basement studios and downtown galleries alike. Katharine Harmon knows this territory. As the author of our best-selling book You Are Here, she has inspired legions of new devotees of imaginative maps. In The Map as Art, Harmon collects 360 colorful, map-related artistic visions by well-known artists such as Ed Ruscha, Julian Schnabel, Olafur Eliasson, Maira Kalman, William Kentridge, and Vik Muniz and many more less-familiar artists for whom maps are the inspiration for creating art. Essays by Gayle Clemans bring an in-depth look into the artists’ maps of Joyce Kozloff, Landon Mackenzie, Ingrid Calame, Guillermo Kuitca, and Maya Lin. Interesting in buying this book? Check out more from here.

BBC The Beauty of Maps: Seeing the Art in Cartography
BBC The Beauty of Maps: Seeing the Art in Cartograpy is yet another example of a BBC television series which focuses on matters concerning data visualization. It is another proof how visualization is becoming an interesting feature in popular press. While the online video clips are restricted to people living in the UK (snif), foreigners are still able to explore a couple of compelling example projects, such as a NASA Map of the dark side of the Moon, Phillippe Bourcier’s map of the movement of data on the Internet, the most complete map of the universe, a map of social conversations on blogs, next to a whole section dedicated to historical maps. The last episode even delves inside the world of political and satirical maps. Check out more from Infosthetics here.

Maps and Art Video – Southern Georgia Whaling
Amazing what treasure trove YouTube is in terms of video content. Check out this cool multi-media map video whaling in southern Georgia (not U.S. Georgia).

Happy Friday!

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