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27 Mar 2009


Friday’s Food for Thought: When We Were Young; Do You Really Want to Live Forever?; and Much More

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For our “Friday’s Food for Thought” column, we seem to be taking a more thematic approach. Last week, we covered the environment. And the week before that, all the “positive” news around the horn. This week, we are sticking with the Young Professionals theme. You all may have seen yesterday’s post on this topic. Well, today, we have decided to take it one step further. We hope you enjoy.

Generation Next: Leading Gen-Y Through The Downturn
Here’s something very interesting. The Gen-Y crown (those born in the 1980s) grew up in a period of sustained growth and have never really dealt with an economic downturn, and this could be quite a shock for them. “They have been mollycoddled, wrapped in cotton wool,” according to consultant quoted in a Director Magazine article. So, how do employers deal with this generation? Read more here.

Introduction to Cryptologic Intelligence at a Young Age
It’s always good to get their interest early, especially when it comes to cryptography. Check out this fun web site for kids called Thunk, which allows children to send each other scrambled messages. It also tons of great spy trivia and funny jokes for kids. Enjoy.

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Kid’s Page
The NGA is very forward thinking when it comes to attracting young talent. As such, the folks at NGA have developed a very comprehensive and entertaining section of the NGA web site devoted to kids. There are GEOINT games (with instructions for teachers to use in the classroom), what children should learn to become an analyst, and various movies that show how commercial satellite pictures can “zoom” in on specific locations on the Earth. Good stuff. Check it out here.

C.I.A.’s Kid’s Page

The C.I.A. also has a great kid’s page that contains games, puzzles, lesson plans for teachers and lots of other fun stuff. We recommend you check it out here.

Young People Who Rock! publishes a most excellent blog highlighting young people who rock. And they do not necessarily mean rock in a “rock-n-roll” sense. These are stories of young people who have done some very amazing and inspirational things, as well as overcome great adversity. We recommend you check out this blog.

Forever Young
OK, now for the fun stuff. For those who were in high school in the 1980s, this was perhaps the most popular prom song — besides Billy Joel’s “These Are The Times to Remember.” Anyhow, it oozes cheese, but certainly brings us back. Do you really want to live forever? That’s what we want to know. Enjoy.

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  1. milrep706 wrote: 27 March 2009

    Timely … Today FCW sent out an email announcing that its 2009 Rising Star program — the Fed 100 for the young(er) crowd — is now accepting nominations: I’m sure there are many deserving young professionals in this community.

  2. jnfuhr wrote: 27 March 2009

    The NSA has a good “CryptoKids” site too where they can learn to make codes and ciphers …

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