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30 Oct 2008


GEOINT 2008: Exhibitor Round Up BAE, Microsoft, SGI and More

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As we are winding down the last day of GEOINT 2008 — with two more hours of floor time left — we wanted to highlight some news coming from the exhibitors. Lots of interesting news coming out of the show this year, and the overall take-way is that the number of technology solutions for our tradecraft seems infinite. So, before we take one last lap on the floor and prepare for the GEOINT 5th Anniversary Party — and if it’s anything like the GeoWalk last night, then it will be a most excellent time — we wanted to do a quick round up of news.

BAE Systems – In what was probably the most buzzed about product news at GEOINT 2008, BAE Systems released the latest version of its geospatial intelligence software, SOCET GXP v3.0 at the show. The software combines image analysis and geospatial production tools into a single application for diverse uses — (according to the press release) from finding beach landing sites for combat troops to helping land Mars Rover. Here’s more info.

Microsoft – Microsoft issued an announcement about ESP, its new software development platform for visual simulation’s potential to address business needs in the public sector. According to our publicist friend at Microsoft, its ESP software brings together geospatial accurate data with a wide range of simulated environments that can be applied across multiple government and public agency disciplines. For more information, go here.

Silicon Graphics — Silicon Graphics announced the launch of Silicon Graphics VUE, which is a suite of software visualization solutions that combine visual information from any source application or platform — then it “fuses” it into a three dimensional viewing experience. Learn more here.

Finally, for those of you going to the party tonight, Phil Vassar will be the live county music entertainment.


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    Phil Vassar rules

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