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18 May 2011


GEOINT 2011 Keynote Speaker, Rep. Rogers, Leading House Intelligence Panel with Foresight and Effective Bipartisanship

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One of our favorite things about the GEOINT Symposium is hearing directly from those who impact and influence our community: the keynote speakers from government, defense and intelligence. As our readers know, this year, USGIF has lined up a very special joint keynote presentation with Rep. Mike Rogers, Mich-8, chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee for Intelligence, and Rep. C. A. Dutch Ruppersberger, Md-2, ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee for Intelligence. Having two ranking members of the House Permanent Select Committee for Intelligence is quite a coup for the Foundation. However, it’s an even bigger deal because Rep. Mike Rogers is making his mark as a true visionary who has deep experience, keen foresight and practices effective bipartisanship.

Walter Pincus from The Washington Post recently wrote this highly complimentary article about Rep. Rogers that truly provides insight in how he is an advocate for the IC. Here are some key excerpts from that article:

Though a conservative Republican, Rogers pushes bipartisanship when it comes to intelligence, something that has been missing in Congress for almost a decade. Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger of Maryland, the ranking Democrat on the intelligence panel, publicly acknowledged Rogers’ compromising with committee Democrats and the Obama administration.

It gets even better. Check this out:

He’s the first member of Congress, in my mind, who has acknowledged that the first group to take steps to remedy failures leading up to Sept. 11 was the intelligence community itself. That was well before the Sept. 11 Commission and its report and years ahead of the December 2004 passage of the statute that created the office of Director of National Intelligence.

And, Rep. Rogers had great things to say about President Obama’s efforts in taking down Bin Laden:

He praised President Obama for “taking a look at the information” and authorizing the operation. CIA Director Leon Panetta, he said, did a “phenomenal job” by not only keeping him and other congressional leaders informed of the bin Laden operation, but also for seeking new resources only when needed.

Be sure to make seeing the joint Rogers/Ruppersberger keynote address a priority at GEOINT 2011. And, our fellow GEOINTers out there may recall Rep. Ruppersberger GEOINT 2009 keynote address, which can be viewed here.

See you all in San Antonio!

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