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06 Jan 2011


GEOINT “Old School Style” With Magic Markers and Construction Paper

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By living in a technology-infused society, we often forget about the pure joy of creating something with the most basic supplies. From a GEOINT perspective, everyday we use the most cutting edge tools to gather, analyze and disseminate imagery and data. And, the technology works amazingly well and helps us be highly effective (this is good stuff). But have you ever thought about creating imagery and maps with crayons and construction paper? According to GOOD, Eric Brightwell, a Missouri native and Los Angeles transplant, creates hand drawn maps of Southern California neighborhoods with little more than construction paper and a magic marker. He has created 60 maps to date and be sure to check out his full collection from the LAist here. We also feature some of our favorites in this post.

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  1. Eric Brightwell wrote: 16 June 2011


    Thanks to the interest and exposure brought by sites like yours, I’m having an art show for my maps! Here’s a link:


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