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10 Sep 2009


Geospatial Tools Critical in Government 2.0, According to Dangermond

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2009 is the year of “Government 2.0.” We have all heard this term many times. Conceptually it is a great thing — the government embraces social media/web 2.0 tools to be more effective in serving citizens. So, where does GEOINT fit into the Government 2.0 world? Yesterday at the Gov 2.0 Summit in Washington, Jack Dangermond, president of ESRI, addressed this head on and said that geospatial technologies are one of the killer apps for using Government 2.0 as a platform for enabling public discourse.

According to Dangermond, government agencies still need to do more to convert data into services that populate mapping applications. The challenge is the barrier between FTP data sets and government sites that make data available as a service. GCN did a complete article on his presentation and here’s a key quote from that story: “What’s behind maps are geographic data sets that can be ‘server-ized,’ or turned into services,” Dangermond said. “That could introduce a whole new wave of applications; where tabular data will be geo-coded, and where the map interface will become what might be the killer app of Gov 2.0.”

Let’s face it. In the GEOINT world, many providers are well above the curve when it comes to developing the most cutting-edge technologies. All one has to do is walk the floor at GEOINT 2009 to see some of the most amazing solutions in the marketplace. Dangermond’s presentation is a critical step in educating government agencies on how valuable GEOINT applications are to their constituents. What do you all think about this?

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  1. USGIF wrote: 11 September 2009

    From Linked-In:

    Jack Dangermond is on point. Application is critical. Development will always be ongoing. Best practices need to be incorporate best available applications.

  2. USGIF wrote: 14 September 2009

    From Linked-In:

    It still amazes me that most of the DOD still has Geoint associated with engineers and not the intel field Mr. Dangermond is spot on

  3. USGIF wrote: 14 September 2009

    From Linked-In:

    Jack has always been good at being a visionary. However, I see that sometimes he should focus on the basics. It is still very common for ESRI users to still be using .shp and locally stored file based gdb to manage and work with geodata. I really think the 2.0 thing will only get there once the populous can get on board with the basics of good IT practices.

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