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02 Sep 2009


Gone Forever: What Does It Really Take to Disappear? Win $5,000 from Wired Magazine

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In the GEOINT world, we often talk about how everyone has to be somewhere at some point in time on the globe. This philosophy actually makes the world seem smaller and points to the fact that it is very difficult to “disappear” on this planet. But, really how hard is it to disappear? The ever-smart, ever-enterprising folks at Wired Magazine came up with a staged man-hunt of their own where Contributing Writer Evan Ratliff disappeared and the magazine is challenging Wired’s readers to find him. The first person to find Ratliff will receive $5,000. So, this is a call to everyone in the GEOINT community to step it up and find Ratliff. It’s what we do for a living, so if anyone can find this guy, it will be us, right? By the way, the editorial staff at got geoint? takes a 20 percent finders fee for cluing the community into this contest!

In the vein of disappearing, check out this live clip of Radiohead’s “How to Disappear Completely.” Not only are they the best band going these days, this song is a perfect soundtrack for this story. Enjoy:

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  1. Neil Moloney wrote: 8 September 2009

    how hard is it to disappear? With some thought and well prepared planning its not unachievable. Check out:

  2. Réseau social:1-Intelligence géospatiale:0 « Monde géonumérique wrote: 11 September 2009

    [...] ses adresses IP, scrutant Facebook et Twitter.  Comme le font remarquer les animateurs de l’USGIF (United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation), si quelqu’un devait trouver Ratliff, ce devait forcément être un spécialiste de [...]

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