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14 Apr 2010


Google Does 3D Tour of New York City and Street View Causes Theft of Mountain Bike

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It’s all about 3D these days. James Cameron gave us Avatar and pretty soon we will be watching all of our television programs in 3D. Heck, even Tiger Woods and the Masters went 3D. So, what took Google so long? Just kidding, Google. The company is now offering up a highly detailed 3D tour of New York, created from a mashup of it earth and Street View services. To be fair to Google, in late December, they offered up 3D tours of Portland, Austin, Chicago and Philadelphia. Now, they have hit the big apple. On a separate note, did you all hear that Google Street View was blamed for a burglary? Lesson learned: make sure your garage door is closed when the Street View cameras come rolling by.

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