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10 Mar 2011


Grassroots Mapping: GEOINT Done “MacGyver” Style

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The “do it yourself” mentality is as American as apple pie. Our great nation was founded on the desire to create and innovate, often without the help of others. It gives us a sense of pride and fulfillment when we achieve the unthinkable often with very little resources. As our dedicated readers know, we were one of the first media outlets to cover the ideal of DIY GEOINT: where smart people develop solutions for taking aerial images on a shoe string budget, often done “MacGyver”-style. Remember the enterprising MIT students who launched a camera — purchased on eBay by the way — into near space and took some amazing images of Earth? Well, these smart fellows started GEOINT revolution called “Grassroots Mapping,” and let’s just say it’s pretty awesome. Check out more about how you too can become the MacGyver of your neighborhood by becoming a grassroots mapper in this post.

Accord to GOOD, for about $100 in materials you can shoot aerial imagery that is higher resolution than any standard public satellite imagery. Sounds impossible? It can be done and check out this image of all the materials you need:

And, be sure to peruse this awesome slide show of grassroots mapping in action. And, now you can join the DIY GEOINT revolution!

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