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18 Mar 2009


Intelligence Community Acknowledges Climate Change as National Security Threat

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My how the times have changed. While climate change was not necessarily a priority for the previous administration, for the Obama team, it is top-of-mind. So much so that the defense and intelligence leaders are acknowledging and even anticipating climate change as being a long-term and significant threat to national security — according to the Christian Science Monitor.

In fact, the Intelligence Community has highlighted the issue of climate change in the recent National Intelligence Assessment, as well as in another report called Global Trends 2025. The new DNI, Dennis Blair, also recently told Congress that the Intelligence Community judges that “global climate change will have important and extensive implications for US national security interests over the next 20 years.”

In addition, according to the Christian Science Monitor, the Pentagon recently unveiled a controversial program to fund social science research called Minerva. The $50 million research project is funding work at the University of Texas at Austin to study the effects of climate change on the security of African nations.

And finally, as you all may recall, the former DNI Mike McConnell acknowledged climate change as a security threat at GEOINT 2008.

So, it may go without saying that obviously, climate change is an issue. Of course, there is going to debate and skeptics as to how serious of an issue it is — and how much has been caused by human activity. But, climate change is a security problem…and much like the global economic meltdown being a security threat, so is this. What do you all think?

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  1. USGIF wrote: 18 March 2009

    From Linked-In:

    “Matt… it’s about time. something like 80% of the people in the world live with in 100 miles of the oceans. It is easy to see how a 3-5 foot increase in tide levels would change the face of our country.”

  2. USGIF wrote: 18 March 2009

    From Linked-In:


    “Read the article and while I can agree that climatology in any region of the world can have or invoke serious, even National Security related issues with regards to the U.S. I believe that setting policy based upon a suedo science is even more dangerous. It really does not matter what administration we are talking about because even the Bush administration was gearing up the bandwagon to believe in the Global Warming farce. If we can take that into context and separate out the Global Warming implications that I read as the undertones here, we will be able to better look at possible issues that may arise and deal with them appropriately. One can’t help but ponder how much more of a mess we can make of this by squandering away our valuable intelligence resources on a “known unknown” as coined by one former Sec Def.”

  3. Steve wrote: 19 March 2009

    We are told global warming is accellerating – not so! There has been virtually no additional warming over the past 5 years. 15 years ago, Al Gore said we had 10 years left. I’m ok – are you ok?

    How come we never see that in the National Media?

    The front page of the paper says the polar ice cap is shrinking and that this year is was smaller than ever. Then we find out a month or so later – OOPS we made a mistake – no change this year. It’s average. But you don’t see that on the front page.

    How can it be, that the citizens of this country cannot understand the implications of Cap and Trade??!!

    There are a lot of really important things to worry about – Global warming is not one of them.

    Having said that, IF the seas did rise by 3 – 5 feet, the world would be a different place entirely. Let some university think about that. Let’s keep the .001% probable outcome off the front pages – it’s not warrented.

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