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20 Sep 2011


Iran to Launch Website to Compete with Google Earth

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New competitors can emerge at anytime and often from the most unlikely of places. Case in point: Iran has decided to take on Google Earth by launching a competitive site called Basir. The Mehr news agency originally reported on this story, which had some pretty colorful quotes from Brigadier-General Mohammad Hasan Nami, the head Iran’s armed forces’ geographical affairs organization, as to why they are launching this new site.

Here are those quotes:

According to Mehr, commenting on the Google Earth in an interview with Mehr, the commander said: “In my opinion, this website was designed and built by the global arrogance for espionage purposes and to gather information from other countries. In addition to carrying out a cultural aggression against Islamic countries, this website aims at distorting history by designing the atlas of Prophet Muhammad’s [peace by upon him] wars.”

The commander added: “We have designed and built a website named ‘Basir’, which will be launched during the Sacred Defence Week with the presence of the respected defence minister [Brigadier-General Vahidi]. This site serves the users inside Iran and in other countries. In fact, it is a website which can have a general use, and it can prevent certain websites such as the ‘Google Earth’ from gathering information about other countries.”

One way Basir is differentiating itself from Google Earth is by helping Muslims find qiblah, which is the direction in which Muslims pray. Yes competition is a good thing and its all about differentation. Read more here.

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  1. Anonymous wrote: 21 September 2011

    Where is Iran getting the satellite imagery?

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