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19 Oct 2010


It’s Now a Stack of Needles: Military Intel Chiefs Need Better Data Tools; Not More Manpower

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As anyone who works in the Intel community knows, we are drowning in a sea of data. Is too much of a good thing bad? Yes. But the key is having the right tools — and not necessarily more personnel — for synthesizing the data and making it actionable and timely. Defense News came out with a story yesterday that addresses this topic and we have pulled out key soundbites from Intel leaders and other insights (as well as real solutions) for your reading pleasure. Happy Tuesday.

The recent C4ISR Journal Conference served as the ideal venue for Intel leaders to discuss the challenges of too much information. Here’s what Maj. Gen. James Poss, the Air Force’s assistant deputy chief of staff for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance had to say at this event: “We’re not going to manpower our way out of this.”

Brig. Gen. Vincent Stewart, U.S. Marine Corps director of intelligence had this to say: “It is no longer looking for a needle in a haystack, but now it’s a needle in a stack of needles.” According to the Defense News article, he said that Marine analysts spend roughly 80 percent of their time re searching, and only 20 percent of the time actually thinking about what that research means. Analysts need more time thinking and less time sifting, he said.

So how do we handle this problem?

According to the article, a new competitive program for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) aims to address the problem. “The Insight program addresses a key shortfall in current Intelligence,
Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems: the lack of a capability for automatic exploitation and cross cueing of multi-intelligence sources,” reads a September 20 announcement on FedBizOps, the Federal Business Opportunities Web site. DARPA is looking for companies interested in developing “a next generation ISR Exploitation & Resource Management (E&RM) System.”

In addition, according to a recent got geoint? guest post from Marv Gordner of MorganFranklin called “Healing the Achilles’ Heel – Getting Intelligence Data to the Warfighter in a Timely Manner,” there are solutions:

Some of these innovations include logic algorithms that overcome the human challenge of situational understanding by using dynamic planner tools to expedite combat and interagency decisions. Other solutions include enterprise Web-based portals for collecting, analyzing, and ultimately converting vast amounts of raw intelligence and open source data into actionable intelligence.

In addition, the U.S. Army has moved toward expanding its intelligence databases by adding regional analysis capabilities. Data will essentially be stored in distributed data warehouses that allow analysts to access and share actionable intelligence to support forces in theater.

Surely this will be a major topic of discussion at GEOINT 2010. The got geoint? staff will be on hand to cover this issue. So stay tuned. And please feel free to share your thoughts and insights.

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  1. john anthony pattison wrote: 21 October 2010

    being able to find the needle in the haystack or even a needle in a stack of needles all comes from better intelligence… i don’t think this comes from more humint

    we need better autonomous sensing and information processing systems for response… so the global autonomous surveillance and response system will help… and especially after the technological singularity hits – the global autonomous thought surveillance and response system will be outstanding….

    and they will have to be outstanding because we still do not have the level of technology to protect against electromagnetic pulse (emp)…. and anything with capacitors is effected

    some solutions are to invent new materials so that devices could be shielded – if coated in a special thin paint

    or if possible we may even be able to create a selective membrane surface which allows telecommications devices to send and receive information while blocking the emp…. so i guess more research needs to be done to find differences between emp signals and telecommunications signals to form the intel which can be used to selectively block the emp wave….

    emp waves are much more powerful than telecommunications signals so this may be a problem because powerful waves often down out all softer signals…. but not always…. we need new materials and membranes which selectively block the emp while allowing through the telecommunications signals…

    other options could be moving over to organic circuits which use chemical signals like the human nervous system… but chemical signals are much slower than electrical signals and how do you send a chemical signal to the other side of the world…

    but some citizens have the special ability of esp/telepathy and can acess others thoughts who are nearby or long distances away… maybe we need to have our computerized systems adapt so that they can send and receive information from the spiritual relm… that is probably the answer….

    another answer is to have each telecommunications device with two (2) types of circuitry just like four (4) wheel drives have off road heavy duty 4wd gearing…. and they also have two (2) wheel drive for on road…. so there is regular ciruits for normal use…. then when an emp hits a circuit breaker is triggered and this then switches the system over to the heavy duty circuits while could use the emp as a power source and be uneffected by something like the huge amounts of induced current… infact the system will need huge current to drive the circuits… when the emp stops the power source for the heavy duty circuits stop and the system then reverts back to the normal circuits….

    another option is to have the system emit a force field which selectively blocks the emp but does not block the sending and receiving of telecommunications signals… so some vehicles can have noise cancelation equipment and software… but it would have to sent in the right phase to the emp wave… if it was emited all the time it may be at the wrong phase to block the emp wave… and if you wait until the circuit breakers have been triggered then if you have the systems to block it… well they don’t need to block it because they can function in its presense….

    maybe very rapid sensing and response equipment may be able to sense the emp wave before it has stuffed the system and respond with a force field to block the emp wave which is in the right phase to block the emp wave…..

    but perhaps the best option is to research better as to how those with the special ability of telepathy/esp communicate remotely via the spiritual relm…. so how do they do it… what is the physics behind the sending and receiveing of the thoughts…. that is, as sending and receiving thoughts is unblockable via the spiritual relm provided the brain is functional…..

    so we could move over to organic ciruits with with chemical signals…. if these circuits were injected by pharmaceutical tranquilizers then they would be stuffed…. other drugs could also stuff them…. and pulse ultra sound may also stuff them…. so this is another option…. maybe these circuits could be contained within a hard shell which blocks the pulsed ultrasound

    so maybe these new organic circuits could be a little like nuts or like crabs with the very hard protective outer shell

    information could easily be communicated through the hard shell via the spiritual relm

    this is probably the best idea to counter emp as we move over to autonomous sensing and autonomous information processing for autonomous response….

    and with the autonomous thought surveillance and response system the response does not have to be physical…. that is as the mind will be influenced to not break the law just before citizens wanted to commit a crime which broke the law…

    so it’s a way of creating a utopia as the will be no crime or terrorism or even foreign intelligence as everyone will be influenced – from within their mind – to work with us and work for the sytem


    john anthony pattison
    south yarra 3141
    johnanthonypattison [skype video call]

  2. Bobbie wrote: 9 May 2011

    Great common sense here. Wish I’d tuoghht of that.

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