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08 Aug 2011


Monday Morning Kick Off: GEOINT Data for Enhanced Decision-Making; Geotagging Terrorist Photos and Google Earth Captures a UFO?

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Welcome to the Monday Morning News Kick Off post from got geoint? As always, we hope you had a restful weekend. We can honestly say that this week’s MMNKO post offers a completely mixed bag of stories that cover a wide-range of topics. From news about new geotagging software for hunting terrorists to an update regarding the outcome of the National Geographic Bee, this post will make you smarter, more productive and more enlightened. Well, at least it will make you see that the GEOINT world is truly diverse. So, fire up that second cup of coffee and read on. Happy Monday!

How Google Maps is Changing the Face of Data
Jeff Jonas, USGIF board member and chief scientist of the IBM Entity Analytics group, is highlighted in this GigaOM article for discussing how geospatial, or space-time, data adds context to the information we already have, allowing us to make better decisions.

National Geographic’s Take on Space Junk
We all know that the skies above Earth are teeming with man-made objects large and small. The U.S. Space Surveillance Network uses radar to track more than 13,000 such items that are larger than four inches (ten centimeters), and here’s National Geographic’s take on this issue.

Colorful Maps: The Military’s Costly Weapon in the War in Afghanistan
The Atlantic reports on how the government is wasting time and money on “graphics that do not convey too much information.”

Executive Spotlight: William Warren of GeoEye
ExecutiveBiz spotlight on William Warren, executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary of GeoEye.

Spies Seek Geotagging Software
MSNBC covers IARPA’s Finder Program, which aims to make it easier to geotag and search terrorist propaganda images.

Iran to Send New Home-Made Satellite to Higher Altitude
Iran announced that it plans to send a new home-made satellite to higher altitudes, at least, 36,000 km away from the Earth.

Russian Team Wins National Geographic Bee
A team of 16-year-olds from Russia won the National Geographic World Championship geography bee — beating out teams from Canada and Chinese Taipei in the finals. The United States’ team finished in fourth place and failed to qualify for the finals.

Google Earth Captures UFO Image — Well, Not Really
Did Google Earth give us the smoking-gun UFO photos many of us have been waiting for all our lives?

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