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12 Sep 2011


Monday Morning News Kick Off: Defense-Intelligence Integration Strongest Since 9/11; Spy Satellites Guard World’s Great Ancient Sites; and GPS is “Big Brother”?

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Welcome to the Monday Morning News Kick Off post from got geoint? Many of us spent Sunday watching the 9/11 anniversary-related events on the television and it was a very emotional experience. The world changed on the beautiful September day ten years ago. And, we were reminded that we will never be the same again. The biggest success we have in the face of that tragic event is that we are able to carry on with life. As such, our intention with this week’s MMNKO post is to do just that: get back to business.

Officials: Defense-Intelligence Integration Strongest Since 9/11
The 9/11 attacks on the U.S. homeland forged a bond between the Defense Department and national-mission intelligence agencies that has never been stronger and that grows with each new challenge, defense officials said in the days before the tragedy’s 10th anniversary.

Court Case Asks if ‘Big Brother’ Is Spelled GPS
A series of court rulings point to the Fourth Amendment’s promise of protection from government invasion of privacy is in danger of being replaced by the futuristic surveillance state Orwell described — via GPS.

LightSquared Faces Congress, Amends Plan
Federal officials told Congress last week that LightSquared’s proposed 4G mobile network on satellite frequencies would hinder hurricane and tornado tracking, earthquake reporting and the prediction of floods and volcanic eruptions.

Unmanned Aerostats Furnish Vital Geospatial Intelligence
Tethered aerostats can carry quickly reconfigurable sensor payloads and stay aloft for weeks or months of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance with several dozen currently hovering above Afghanistan.

Spy Satellites, Google Earth Now Guarding World’s Great Ancient Sites
Conservationists are using spy satellites, cutting-edge computer technology, and an expert human network to build an “early warning system” for some of the planet’s greatest—and most threatened—archaeological sites.

Intelligence Community Wants to Monitor Social Media
The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity wants to monitor public data on everything from Twitter to public webcams in the hopes of predicting the future.

Researchers Use Cell Phones to Track Disasters
Researchers from Columbia University and from Sweden’s Karolinska Institute mapped population movements after Haiti’s earthquake in 2010 by following location data from about two million phones in the days after the disaster.

Study Warns US Must Develop Cyber Intelligence
A new study warns that the U.S. must develop cyber intelligence as a new and better coordinated government discipline that can predict computer-related threats and deter them.

Twin Satellites to Map Inside the Moon
On Saturday, NASA launched a pair of twin satellites that will fly in tandem around the Moon and map its core for the first time.

ObjectFX Offers Free Trial of Complex Event Processing Engine, SpatialRULES
Today, ObjectFX announced that its USGIF award-winning Complex Event Processing engine, SpatialRULES, is now available for download on a free trial basis.

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