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05 Apr 2010


Monday Morning News Kick Off: DigitalGlobe Surpasses One Billion Square Kilometers of Earth Imagery; and Update on NGA’s New Campus East

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We hope everyone had a fun- and family-filled Easter weekend. Well, now it is time to get back into the grind. Good times always end (unfortunately) and we all know that nothing gold stays (stay golden Pony Boy). Sorry for bad reference to The Outsiders. Now for the real news. This week’s Monday Morning News Kick Off post features stories from DigitalGlobe, Orbital Sciences, as well as an insightful article about the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA’s) New Campus East (pictured). And we have heard that the name of New Campus East is being changed to “NGA Campus East.” Yes, you heard it here first. And, as we always say, fire up that second cup of coffee and read on!

DigitalGlobe Surpasses One Billion Square Kilometers of Earth Imagery

DigitalGlobe recently announced that its industry-leading content library now contains more than one billion square kilometers of earth imagery, 33 percent of which is less than one year old. “The unrivaled quality and quantity contained in DigitalGlobe’s ImageLibrary is what allows us to deliver the imagery our customers need when they need it,” said Jill Smith, CEO of DigitalGlobe. “The power of our industry-leading constellation enables us to persistently break new ground for the industry and we strive to offer our customers the largest collection of accurate, current satellite imagery available.” Read the full press release here.

Orbital, General Dynamics Close on Division Sale
Orbital Sciences Corp. has closed on the purchase of the General Dynamics Corp. Advance Information Systems subsidiary in the Valley, adding to its employee base and satellite capabilities for a price of $55 million. Orbital (NYSE: ORB) added about 325 new employees for the division, which was once Spectrum Astro Space Systems, as well as a 135,000-square-foot space systems manufacturing facility in Gilbert to go along with its operations in Chandler. Read the full Phoenix Business Journal story here.

Intelligence Embraces Network-Centric Facility

A major U.S. intelligence agency is building its new headquarters facility around a network-centric architecture dedicated to information access and dissemination. The new construct allows the agency to accommodate the technology advances that have changed missions radically over the years. A dedicated technology center houses hundreds of servers that provide unprecedented bandwidth to thousands of individual employees. Access across networks is seamless based on security privileges. And, both the external customer community and the internal user community will benefit from built-in redundant capabilities and a flexible architecture that permits easy incorporation of new technologies when they appear. The home of these advances is the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency’s (NGA’s) New Campus East (NCE), a $1.77 billion construct that is being built on the grounds of Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Mandated by the Base Realignment and Closure Commission (BRAC), the new headquarters represents the consolidation of several NGA buildings into one central location. Read the full Signal Magazine article here.

Are We Winning in Afghanistan?
Donald Rumsfeld grappled with it in Iraq. Now Robert Gates and his team are wrestling with the difficult question of just how we know whether we’re winning or losing a counter-insurgency war, this one in Afghanistan. Marine Lt. Gen. John Paxton, director of operations for the Joint Staff, spoke at a Brookings Institution sponsored conference about this challenging task. When you don’t have a center of gravity to attack, like a capital, a massed opposing force, or a leader and his minions it can be really difficult to pick the right metrics. In fact, picking the right metrics can be a crucial part of the fight. If you focus on the wrong issues to measure, then you are probably addressing the wrong issues on the ground. Read more of this article from DoD Buzz here.

Happy Monday!

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