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14 May 2012


Monday Morning News Kick Off: GeoEye Disappointed by DigitalGlobe Rejection; China Launched New Spy Satellite; and Spy Moms Unite

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Welcome to the Monday Morning News Kick Off post from got geoint? We hope you had a restful weekend and were able to spend some quality time with mom on Mother’s Day. Well, once again, it’s Monday and time to get back into the game. As always, we have been kind enough to provide you with all the actionable news you need to kick start the work week. So, fire up that second cup of coffee and read on. Happy Monday.

GeoEye Disappointed by DigitalGlobe, Inc.’s Rejection Of the Proposed Acquisition
GeoEye released this statement in response to the announcement by DigitalGlobe that its Board of Directors has rejected GeoEye’s acquisition proposal.

China Successfully Launches New Spy Satellite Into Orbit
China launched an optical military reconnaissance satellite (pictured) last Thursday.

Huge Satellite Envisat is Dead in Space
The European Space Agency declared the death of its massive Earth-observing satellite Envisat Wednesday after a month of mysterious silence from the school bus-size spacecraft.

U.S. Seeks Alternate Satellite Terminal Bids
The U.S. Air Force said on Friday it is still in talks with Boeing about revamping a multibillion-dollar program for next-generation satellite communications terminals, but has now formally invited other companies to submit alternate bids.

Keep Satellites in the Skies to Monitor Storms
New Orleans Times-Picayune editorial on why we need weather satellites.

Russian Satellite Presents the Earth from Top to Bottom (IMAGERY)
Check out these stunning images of the Earth from the Russians.

TerraGo Releases Publisher for ArcGIS v.6 to Empower Esri Users with Unprecedented Geospatial Collaboration Capabilities
TerraGo Technologies released its Publisher for ArcGIS v.6 software to enable Esri users to produce interactive, portable and intelligent TerraGo GeoPDF maps, imagery and geospatial applications.

Geospatial Data Management and Exploitation for the Utilities Industry
Mladen Stojic, Vice President, Geospatial at Intergraph SG&I, recently authored this GIS cafe post about how the utilities sector can better embrace geospatial solutions.

Spy Moms Unite
CNN ran a feature about women in the Intelligence Community. Check it out here.

Video: Is This What Apple’s New Maps Will Look Like?
After 5 years with Google’s maps, Apple is reportedly set to unveil its own.

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