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23 Apr 2012


Monday Morning News Kick Off: Military and IC Clash Over Spy Satellites; NRO Director Stepping Down; and Pentagon “Can Manage” Satellite Imagery Cuts

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Welcome to the Monday Morning News Kick Off post from got geoint? With Spring Break season almost behind us, the kids are back in school and that Disney Cruise is now a glimmering memory. So, now is the time to get back into work mode. Fortunately, we always have our MMNKO post to serve as your transitional guide back into your professional life. So, fire up that second cup of coffee and read on. Happy Monday.

A Military and Intelligence Clash Over Spy Satellites
New York Times piece about the future of commercial imagery for military and the Intelligence Community.

Pentagon “Can Manage” Satellite Imagery Cuts
Reuters story about how top U.S. military officials, grappling with proposed budget cuts for commercial satellite imagery, said new government-owned satellites, manned planes and other equipment can fill the gap.

NRO Director Stepping Down in July
U.S. National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) Director Bruce Carlson will be leaving his post July 20, a spokeswoman for the spy satellite agency confirmed April 20.

Huge, Mysteriously Silent Satellite Spotted by Another Spacecraft
A massive European satellite the size of a school bus that has mysteriously stopped communicating with Earth has been spotted by another satellite in orbit.

Geostellar Teams with GeoEye to Map the Solar Power Potential of Every Rooftop in the United States
USGIF member company GeoEye announced that it has partnered with Geostellar that will help determines how quickly a given property owner can recoup an investment in solar energy.

Intergraph Geospatial Roadshow Brings Dynamic GIS to Australia
Intergraph announced a roadshow across Australia, engaging customers locally from April 16 to May 1, 2012.

Skyline Adds TerraGo GeoPDF Production Capability to TerraExplorer 3D Visualization Applications
Skyline Software Systems has signed an international OEM reseller partnership agreement to add TerraGo GeoPDF maps and imagery production capabilities to its TerraExplorer family of applications.

The Geospatial Sector Faces the Music
Mladen Stojic, Vice President, Geospatial at Intergraph SG&I, authored a very illuminating GIS Café blog post about the current state of the geospatial sector.

Google Earth Adds Balloon, Kite Imagery
Google has added balloon and kite imagery to Google Earth to complement its satellite and aerial images.

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