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07 May 2012


Monday Morning News Kick Off: DigitalGlobe Rejects Acquisition by GeoEye; China Launches a Mapping Satellite and Much More

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Welcome to the Monday Morning News Kick Off post from got geoint? As always, we hope you had a restful weekend, and had time to process the big news from Friday: GeoEye’s offer to acquire DigitalGlobe. Our editorial staff has heard from many people in the GEOINT community and “wow” seems to be the overall response. So, we have decided to include some follow on news from that announcement, as well as our usual round up of GEOINT stories from the around the spectrum, in today’s MMNKO post. Happy Monday.

DigitalGlobe Rejects Unsolicited Acquisition Proposal by GeoEye
Yesterday, DigitalGlobe commented on the unsolicited proposal announced by GeoEye to acquire the Company for $17.00 per share in a combination of cash and stock. The verdict: it’s not in the best interests of the DigitalGlobe’s stockholders.

GeoEye Plans DigitalGlobe Purchase; USDI Confirms Imagery Budget Cuts
AOL Defense piece on the proposed acquisition, which also features commentary from Mike Vickers, the undersecretary of defense for intelligence and GEOINT 2011 keynote speaker about the proposed budget cuts.

GeoEye Bid Comes After Merger Negotiations Collapse
Space News points out that the big announcement on Friday came after merger negotiations between GeoEye and DigitalGlobe collapsed.

Fierce Rivalry Makes Merger of DigitalGlobe, GeoEye Hard to Fathom
A reporter from the Denver Business Journal provides an interesting perspective on this proposed acquisition.

DigitalGlobe Results Beat Street, Gets 2012 Funds
Meanwhile, DigitalGlobe announced better-than-expected quarterly results early last week.

Air Force Launches Advanced Communications Satellite
On Friday, the United States Air Force launched an advanced communications satellite, the second in a new fleet of spacecraft that should improve American and allied military commanders’ ability to control their forces around the globe.

China Launches Another Mapping Satellite
Yesterday, China launched a remote sensing satellite into space, stepping up its efforts to keep up with its schedule to put 100 satellites in space by 2015.

Report Warns of Weather Satellites’ ‘Rapid Decline’
The number and capability of weather satellites circling the planet “is beginning a rapid decline” and tight budgets have significantly delayed or eliminated missions to replace them, says a National Research Council analysis.

Military Wants to Know: Whose Satellites Are Those?
A new Pentagon effort aims to find the unique visual signatures of individual satellites for quick identification, regardless of whether such satellites belong to friend or foe.

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