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02 Jan 2012


Monday Morning News Kick Off: New Satellites Orbiting the Moon; Air Force Buys New, Stealthier Drone; Hackers Embrace GEOINT

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Welcome to the Monday Morning News Kick Off post from got geoint? We hope everyone had safe and happy New Year’s Eve. So, here we are. It’s 2012. Any new resolutions? Perhaps your resolution is to be the best GEOINT professional that you can be? That’s certainly a laudable one. Hopefully, we can help you reach this resolution by providing you with all the news to help you achieve your professional goals and dreams. So, welcome to our first MMNKO post for 2012. As we always say, fire up that second cup of coffee and read on!

Air Force Buys Stealthy Version of Predator Drone
Adding to its growing arsenal of robotic aircraft, the Air Force has purchased a new high-flying hunter-killer drone.

New Satellites are Orbiting the Moon
NASA has succeeded in its mission to get two new satellites to orbit around the Moon.

Chinese Satellite Navigation System Goes Live
China launched a satellite navigation system that will provide initial positioning, navigation, and timing operational services to China and the surrounding region.

Proposed Hacker Satellite System Would Fight Web Censorship
Hackers want to get into the GEOINT game by launching satellites that would fight web censorship.

Association of Old Crows Recognizes the Dangers of Persistent GPS Interference
The Association of Old Crows issued a press release about LightSquared’s use of EMS creating numerous safety and continuity issues across this global user base.

Podcast: Predictions for the Geospatial Marketplace 2012
Our friends at Directions Magazine have run an enlightening podcast about the future of the geospatial marketplace.

Geospatial Technologies Will Affect our Future
Local news story in Bangor, Maine about the rise of GEOINT.

City of Philadelphia GIS is Among Country’s Best
Philly is leading the charge when it comes to implementing sound GIS solutions.

Why Don’t We Value Spatial Intelligence?
Insightful post on why we need to recognize and nurture students who are talented with mentally rotating figures and shapes in their minds. Yes = future GEOINTers!

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