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26 Mar 2009


More Young People Lining Up for Jobs in Government and Intelligence

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As the concept of GEOINT, along with the proliferation of consumer mapping and Web 2.0 tools, has grown over the past five years, so has the overall interest of young people looking for a promising and challenging career in the field. We all know it is vital to nurture the next generation of government employees — particularly those interested in a career in the intelligence community. A major mission for the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) is to provide a spotlight on young GEOINTers and to showcase how a a career in GEOINT can be challenging and very exciting.

Last night, folks from USGIF attended the Loudoun County Diversity in Education College and Career Fair and the response to having a career in GEOINT was overwhelming. We ended up giving out boat-load of geoint? t-shirts and many students expressed a strong interest in learning about careers in our tradecraft.

Coincidentally, The Washington Post came out with an article today about how young people are clamoring for jobs in the government sector. The combination of President Obama vowing to make working in government “cool,” along with the down economy, has created a strong demand for federal jobs. What is even more interesting is that careers in the CIA seemed to be the hot ticket for young people. According to the article, the lines for the CIA were out the door at the spring career fair last week at George Mason University.

In addition, we have been promoting how GEOINT is cool for young people. Check out our podcast here with young GEOINTer Jim Blowitski who works in Business Development for Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems & Global Services (IS&GS) Intelligence Group. In addition, check out our coverage of the recent USGIF Young Professionals Networking event, which was a major success.

So, for all you young people out there, we want to hear directly from you. Please let us know why a career in government/intelligence/GEOINT is exciting to you. The first five people to send along a comment will get an official got geoint? t-shirt.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Patrick wrote: 26 March 2009

    GEOINT is really exciting to me because of the energy that surrounds it. Excitement breeds excitement. Working in other “non-GEOINT” GIS arenas (Gov. natural resources) there is so much less understanding of what GIS/GEOINT is among colleagues and supervisors. They just don’t speak geospatial. GEOINT careers provide a place with support, new technology and appreciation for what GEOINT does. I feel at home in it. The applications of GEOINT are also just super cool, with practical and national security implications. And yes, intelligence just seems cool from movies, I’ll admit.

  2. Spring '08 Grad wrote: 26 March 2009

    I will be starting my career with the NGA in just a few weeks and I am anxiously counting down the days. It is exciting to have the opportunity to serve our country with a challenging and rewarding career.

    Patrick is right: excitement does breed excitement. Every time I spoke with someone at the NGA they were excited for me to have this opportunity so early in my career. I’ll be honest, I was a little hesitant only because I had a great job at a Fortune 100 company and I had no complaints. But after countless conversations with the staff, I became truly excited about the opportunity to learn and grow alongside of them.

  3. Marilyn Lee wrote: 26 March 2009

    I’ve only been in the GEOINT industry for about a year as a marketing specialist for Overwatch Geospatial. Prior to that, I didn’t even know what GIS was! It was rather intimidating to jump into this field, but the rewards have been amazing. As soon as I began familiarizing myself with our product line, I could tell that this industry had promise. Now, I love to talk to our customers about how they’re using our products. There’s no end to what people can do with GEOINT technology. I also enjoy educating the community about it (we participated in our first GIS Day event last November). This is a great field that is definitely growing quickly and offering a lot of opportunities to people everywhere.

  4. Paul wrote: 27 March 2009

    I actually chose Geography as a major because I thought it left my options open. I have interests in development and environmental planning, but I have always loved the intelligence fields. Always wanted to serve the country some other way than the armed forces. It wasn’t until I started getting in GIS that I realized the GEOINT sector.

    The downside is now the competitiveness of the field. I’m not bilingual, and that puts me at a disadvantage right out of the door. CIA, NSA, FBI, all prefer those who can speak another language. Not to mention the lack of formal education in GEOINT field. We learn about GIS for planning and environmental applications, but because most intelligence isn’t actually public, it makes it difficult to learn about those applications.

    If anyone has any advice, please share:

  5. kim wrote: 27 March 2009

    I’m very proud of those serving in NGA and other places in government. Coming from the younger crowd in the IT industry, I can understand how young people today are very interested in GEOINT. We’re part of the techie generation, advanced educational opportunities and a bright future ahead. I hope that young people continue to make their way into government jobs and help fill where there are gaps with those retiring.

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