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25 Apr 2012


New NRO Director: Another Woman Tapped to Join Ranks of Intelligence Chiefs

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Yesterday, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper announced that Betty Sapp will be taking over as the Director of the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO). Sapp will be the second woman to lead a major intelligence agency with Letitia Long, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Director, being the first. Our readers may recall that got geoint? was one of the first media outlets to report the appointment of Director Long in February 2010.

Last week, it was announced that Director Bruce Carlson will be leaving his post on July 20th. According to Space News, Director Carlson said that “The selection process for a new leader is under way and that choice will be announced soon,” in an internal email.

The news of Sapp’s appoint came pretty quickly after the announcement of Director Carlson’s departure last week. AOL Defense broke the news yesterday with this story, and featured this commentary from Keith Masback, USGIF President:

“Betty gets budgeting, programming, and acquisition. She’s been a loyal deputy, most recently for Jim Clapper at OUSD(I) and now at NRO for Bruce Carlson. She’s known as a quiet professional who has always made sure she kept the trains running, freeing up her bosses to take strong leadership positions on issues and drive change in their respective domains. Now, she’ll have the opportunity to lead the NRO at a critically important time,” Keith Masback, president of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation and former senior official at NGA. “She is disciplined and methodical, and her peers trust her. Beyond that, she’s trusted by seniors in the Pentagon, the IC, and on the Hill. She’ll do a great job at NRO.”

Be sure to check out the full AOL Defense story here. And, here’s Sapp’s full bio.

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