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14 Oct 2009


PODCAST: Oliver Yeh and Justin Lee, MIT Students Breaking Barriers with DIY GEOINT

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spaceMITimage2Following is an exclusive podcast with MIT students Oliver Yeh and Justin Lee. For a mere $148.00, these enterprising students launched a camera to the edge of space and took some amazing photos of earth. It is the ultimate tale of D.I.Y. GEOINT. We are also excited to announce that both Oliver and Justin will be attending GEOINT 2009 as VIPs and they look forward to the incredible opportunity of meeting leaders from the industry, defense and intelligence sector. Stay tuned for more news from GEOINT 2009 from these two rising stars in the GEOINT community.

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  1. USGIF wrote: 15 October 2009

    From Linked-In:

    Amazing out of the box thinking by Oliver and Justin. Hats off to them. This is what you mean by “Taking technology to the common man”.

  2. got geoint? » Article » Mr. Stu Shea, USGIF CEO and Chairman: “Build the Community, Accelerate Innovation and Advance the Tradecraft” wrote: 19 October 2009

    [...] The Honorable Jeffrey K Harris served as the master of ceremonies and came to the stage after Mr. Stu Shea. Mr. Harris highlighted how GEOINT has become mainstream and it has become double-click easy. GEO-enabled applications are ubiquitous and how interoperability is key and to making this technology more seamless and effectiveness. He also highlighted how collaborative communities are driving true change in the intelligence community. It’s all about collaboration and having everyone meet in the middle to do the right thing. One exciting thing that Mr. Harris highlighted was how MIT super star students Oliver Yeh and Justin Lee were officially at GEOINT 2009. If you have not listened to our exclusive podcasts with Mr. Yeh and Mr. Lee, click here. [...]

  3. got geoint? » Article » MIT Wins DARPA’s Red Balloon-Spotting Contest wrote: 15 December 2009

    [...] host a similar contest. It would certainly help gain some PR mojo and perhaps gain some insightful DIY-GEOINT [...]

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