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18 Nov 2009


Praise for GEOINT 2009 from GPS World

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geoint 2009_webversionWe all know that GEOINT 2009 was a world-class event this year. The caliber of speakers, the technology in the exhibition hall and the caliber of networking were unparalleled. It’s also exciting to gain the perspective of other media outlets that attended and covered the event. Art Kalinski attended GEOINT 2009 and penned an editorial in GPS World about how there is agreement in the geospatial community that GEOINT is the place to be. Of course, we could not agree more. And, the article highlights how, despite the weak economy, “the over-arching opinion of all attendees was that the intelligence business will continue to grow regardless of world politics. By its nature, this conference really had many more “chiefs” than “Indians,” and many exhibitors spared no expense at the conference, knowing that they were reaching key decision makers.” We recommend you read the full article here.

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  1. Brander wrote: 19 November 2009

    it’s too far for me but it’s seem very nice. Do you know that we have 360 gis’s streetview in switzerland ? try

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