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23 Feb 2011


Real-Time Tweet Mapping of Mideast Protests

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When a Tunisian street vendor lit a match two months ago in a form of self-immolation protest, little did he know that he started the historic spread of protests in Middle East and Northern Africa. Of course, we all know that social media has played a major role in this very quick spreading of public dissent. Well, now there is a new tool that uses Google Earth to track the latest tweets from around Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Iran — tagged with the respective country names. The tweets are displayed at geotagged locations on the map at an interval of 5 seconds. You can learn more about this new tool from the developer himself here. And, what better way to keep your finger on the pulse of what is going on in the Mideast? Real-time Twitter monitoring through the use of GEOINT technologies. Check out more here.

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  1. P Mancini wrote: 24 February 2011

    That is a really interesting start. Capturing the text and geolocation and keeping a database that can then be exploited via text analytics would be the next step I’d take to produce useful intelligence from this.

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