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10 Dec 2009


Satellite Imagery Used to Combat Surge of Pirate Attacks

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pirates90The surge of pirate attacks off of Africa has become a major issue for the shipping industry and global trade in general. There has been an estimated 125 attacks and 45 ships were actually seized by pirates in the past two years. Experts believe that the number of attacks could be higher, as piracy is believed to be widely under-reported. And, GEOINT will be playing a major role in stopping the spread of piracy. Adm. Jim Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), recently said that “more ships would be helpful” to counter piracy off Somalia but that “what I’m really after is maritime patrol aircraft, NATO AWACS [Airborne Warning and Control System] and satellite images.”

Check out this Naval Open Source Intelligence blog post with more information. In addition, check out this article, which dives deeper into how technology is being used to fight modern-day pirates.

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