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29 Apr 2011


Friday’s Food for Thought: The Stars of GEOINT

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Welcome to the Friday’s Food for Thought post from got geoint? If you all are feeling a bit burnt out on the whole royal wedding thing, fret not, we are not adding to the media over-saturation by making it the theme of this week’s FFFT post. Plus, that would be too easy. Instead we are focusing on the true stars of the GEOINT sector. What inspired this? Well, Washingtonian Magazine just issued its “Tech Titans 2011″ list and let’s just say, the GEOINT sector ruled. So, we are going to dedicate this post to all the GEOINT stars who made this list, and to those stars (and there are many of you out there) who live and work outside of the DC area. And a reminder that the USGIF 2011 Scholarship applications are due Monday! Oh, and congratulations to William and Kate (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves). Happy Friday!

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