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29 Mar 2011


DARPA and Zebra Imaging Breaking More 3D Boundaries Than James Cameron

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It seems that the entertainment industry is always getting all the attention with regards to 3D technologies. Last year, with the success of the movie Avatar, it’s starting to feel like the 1950s again. And, with several 3D TVs debuting at CES this year, before you know it, you’ll be watching Dora The Explorer with your kids in 3D. But many outside of the GEOINT sector, do not realize that our industry is the one blazing a trail when it comes to 3D. For example, USGIF member company Zebra Technologies and DARPA are developing the Urban Photonic Sandtable Display (UPSD), which is a fully holographic battlefield planning table (no glasses required) that can be scaled up to 6 feet diagonally and allows visual depth of up to 12 inches. Be sure to check out more GEOINT 3D innovations in this post.

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