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13 May 2010


Celebrate “Bike to Work” Month with the New Google Android Biking Directions

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Did you know that May is Bike to Work month? Neither did we. But the smart folks over at Google decided to celebrate this momentum occasion by announce their Google Maps for Android biking directions capability. Previously launched on the desktop, the new Android application is way cooler (and useful) because you can physically mount the device to your bike. Now Android users will see a bicycling layer on the map that shows bike-only trails in dark green, roads with bike lanes in light green, or roads that are good for biking but lack a dedicated lane in a dashed green representation. On top of that, users who want to meet up with friends can also now click the “Share this place” icon to send an address and phone number of a meeting place. Very cool. Now if only the Beltway had a biking lane….

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