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19 Sep 2011


Monday Morning News Kick Off: KH-9 Hexagon Spy Satellite Makes a Rare Public Appearance; Evolution of American Intel Post 9/11; and the NRO Turns 50

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Welcome to the Monday Morning News Kick Off post from got geoint? As always, we hope everyone had a restful weekend spent with family and friends. But just as the summer sun eventually fades, so too does the weekend. But fret not fearless GEOINTers, you always have the MMNKO post to help ease your transition back into the working world on Monday Morning. So, as we always say, fire up that second cup of coffee and read on. Happy Monday!

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19 Jul 2010


Member Podcast: Rick Cobb, TerraGo CEO, Discusses One-Year Anniversary of Patent for Geo-Encoded PDF and More

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USGIF member company TerraGo Technologies, a leading provider of geospatial collaboration software solutions, is celebrating the one-year anniversary of being awarded a U.S. patent (#7,562,289) for methods and systems for encoding geographic coordinates and features in portable document format files. In addition, this month marks the fifth anniversary of the founding of TerraGo Technologies. We are excited to be doing an exclusive podcast with Rick Cobb, CEO of TerraGo (pictured), who discusses with us in detail the significant of the one-year anniversary of the GeoPDF patent.

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