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14 Sep 2010


Burglary Ring Using Location-Based Services to Target Victims Busted

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We all know that sharing too much information can sometimes be a bad thing. Especially when it comes to sharing your whereabouts 24/7. You just checked arrived at JFK airport? Well, guess what…this means you are not home. While we have covered the hypothetical dangers of letting everyone know that your home is empty, a crime ring has emerged that actually targeted those who let the world know that their home is ripe for being broken into. According to Media Post, police in the town of Nashua, New Hampshire have busted a three-man burglary ring which stole at least $100,000 worth — and perhaps twice that amount — of cash, consumer electronics, jewelry and other valuables (not to mention ammunition and fireworks) in more than 50 break-ins targeting the homes of people who shared their whereabouts on location-based online networks, including Facebook’s new location-based service, “Places.” So, here’s what the got geoint? staff is doing…we are letting everyone know that we will be working from home, seven days a week, from here on out.

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