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03 Jun 2010


Many Question Obama’s National Security Strategy

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Last week, President Obama issued the 2010 National Security Strategy, which outlines the administration’s strategic approach and priorities for advancing American interests. Now that many of the pundits have had a week to digest the document, many are coming out questioning the validity of the NSS. Washington Post Op-Ed columnist Michael Gerson chides the administration for trying to tie in healthcare reform and infrastructure redevelopment into the NSS. According to Robert Maginnis of Human Events, the NSS “dangerously shifts our military‚Äôs focus from counterterrorism to nation building and subordinates aspects of our foreign policy to international organizations like the United Nations.” And, the National Review did a post about the “sins of omission” of the NSS — meaning it full of platitudes and “self delusion.” All interesting commentary. We would welcome your thoughts on the NSS. Is it the right strategy we need for these ever-changing times? Please provide all thoughts and insights!

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