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04 Jun 2010


Friday’s Food for Thought: The Next GEOINT Grassroots Movement

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Welcome to the Friday’s Food for Thought post from got geoint? We hope everyone had a productive, albeit short work week. Do you all recall our story from last year about two enterprising MIT students who for a mere $148.00 launched a camera to the edge of space and took some amazing photos of earth? Well, the grassroots GEOINT trend has extended into 2010 and, and this time, an MIT student has decided to use a kite string that’s tethered to a helium-filled trash bag and a point-and-shoot camera to take images of the Gulf Coast oil spill. So, this made us think…there truly is a grassroots GEOINT movement happening these days. People need aerial images and information — especially in the face of a disaster — and they are not afraid to go out and get these images on their own. Very cool stuff, and perfect for today’s FFT post theme. Hope you enjoy.

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