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18 May 2010


“One Satellite Per Child” Program is Totally Awesome

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Sometimes we can’t control our editorial excitement. Our readers may recall how pumped we were when we covered the “DIY GEOINT” efforts by two enterprising MIT students just prior to GEOINT 2009. Well, we have come across something that brings the concept of satellite technologies to an even more grassroots level. Called “One Satellite per Child” — a play on the “One Laptop Per Child” project — the project intended to emphasize how the practice of producing grassroots maps with balloons and kites can be accessible to virtually anyone – and how children can become involved in the design of tools which capture ‘high-tech’ data about their own community. This should be a part of every elementary school curriculum through out the nation. Don’t take our word for just how awesome this is — check out the “One Satellite Per Child” site here.

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