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22 Mar 2011


200th Anniversary of the Map that Made New York City

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There’s really no place in America like New York City. As the oldest and most densely populated borough, Manhattan, with only 22.7 square miles in area, is such a diverse melting pot of business and culture that’s made up of pretty much every ethnicity in the world. Let’s face it. Manhattan is awesome. And, it would not be the place it is today, if it weren’t for the original map that devised the “no frills” street matrix — made of 11 major avenues and 155 crosstown streets — that makes Manhattan easy to navigate today. The map that makes up this simple geometric grid is celebrating its 200th anniversary today. On March 22, 1811, the NYC city street commissioners certified this map and from there it was skies the limit. Literally. The grid spawned Manhattan’s real estate boom that created one of the most picturesque cityscapes in the world. Be sure to check out the actual map in this post.

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