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21 Sep 2010


Spy Satellite Launch Delayed Because of Wrongly Parked Car

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In most major cities parking can be a major issue. Do you pay for the expensive parking garage? Or circle the block until you find a meter spot? While this challenge can only cause a minor headache or a small dent in the wallet, it does not typically delay the launch of a major U.S. spy satellite. That is correct. A new spy satellite launched into space late Monday on the latest classified mission for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office was delayed because a private car was parked in the wrong spot. According to, a the launch of the NRO classified satellite NROL-41 was delayed about a half hour due to the pesky car, which was parked at Vandenberg’s Space Launch Complex 8 – an area that was supposed to be clear of vehicles. If only we had better public transportation, or tax incentives to get people to car pool, this may have not happened. But alas, we live in a car-driven society (like the pun?) and something like this was bound to happen.

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