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24 Mar 2010


GEOINT Hits The Slopes with Video Mapping Application for Ski Resorts

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We have often said that GEOINT can be used for pretty much anything — even for ski resorts. That is correct. We came across a press release about a 360 degree video mapping application for ski resorts. A company called SlopeViews announced the beta release of OnSnow, a new virtual tour application that allows ski resorts to showcase their ski runs, lifts, and base village in 360° street view style. OnSnow features full motion video, and integrates the interactive trail maps commonly used by ski resorts. Okay. So, we all know that many resorts offer the 360 degree camera of their resorts, but it sounds like OnSnow takes it to the next level. Now, if only ski season was not coming to a close, then the timing of this announcement would have been perfect. Read the full press release here.

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